Throughout existence the simple act of sharing of food has formed a huge part of the human experience, with the full breadth of emotion able to be expressed through the assembly of people for a meal.

Food is and always has been about much more than nourishment and survival. Integral to the sense of virtue food provides us is our connection to where it comes from and how it is prepared – this connection is exemplified through the craftmanship and care of Blue Sky Butchery.

Blue Sky Butchery represents an artisanal approach to producing the finest cuts, proudly sourcing lamb from pristine southern New Zealand farms bathed in warm sunlight, cool waters, and rich soil, before hand-picking the finest selection to be prepared by its expert craftsmen.

Southern Lamb has long been a symbol of excellence, leading the world in quality and providing the most tender and succulent cuts. Blue Sky Butchery is proud to be backed by over 30 years of global experience, offering an unmatched, authentic eating experience crafted with care.

It’s in our nature to share the best and experience the best, so choose the best.

Purity, Craftmanship, Provenance – these things matter.

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